I have put this page together as a sort of guide....it's nowhere near a concise collection of all the attractions in the Irish capital, more of an overview of my exeriences and parts of the city I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone else.

The Spire of Dublin on O'Connell street is always a good check point for anyone who may get lost or disorientated...all you have to do is tell people to look up, search for the "Rod to God". You'll find them........


Where else to start? "When in Rome...." and all that. How can i start a page on Dublin without starting at Guinness?

7 floors of sheer delight, showing how Guinness is produced, where the ingredients are sourced, advertising through the years, the art of barrell making, the use of the Liffey etc.

All working your way up to the Gravity Bar a brilliant panaramic bar over looking the city. Sit and relax and enjoy, after all, "good things come to those who wait" tick tock..

Average entry is 20e per person, but usually bus tickets offer a 1e reduction. Includes a free pint of Guinness though!  


A must visitor attraction in Dublin. 2016 marked 100 years since the uprising against the British Government. The tour guides tell you all about the main characters in this rebellion, where they were incarcerated and ultimatley where they faced the firing squad. A brilliant tour of Anglo-Irish history, albeit thought provoking as well. The tour is extremly popular so advice is get there first thing, if you cant get on the tour straight away then pre-book (same day) and go back later. The 4e entry is well worth it, and you even get to see the famous wing used in films such a The Italian Job, In the Name of The Father and Michael Collins.  

Teelings distillory

A recent addition to the tourist route in Dublin, but well worth a stop off and quick visit.

It it is the only actual working whiskey distillory in Dublin, you get to walk round and see the raw ingredients being added, the triple distillation units and ulitimatey the pouchin it produces.

No whiskey tour is complete without the tasting, and for various tour costs you can sample up to three different and rare Teeling Whiskies

Check with local tour guides as they usually do a Buy One Get One Free on entry for the standard tour. 

out and about

There are three coloured tour guide buses in Dublin, each offering similar packages for daily, or multiple day travel around the city. As you will be flying into Dublin i would suggest the best option is the green buses as they are part of Dublin Bus which also run the airport shuttle service. The three day pass is the best as it includes the return journey to the airport. Click this link and remember to purchase before you travel. Dublin Bus.


A few pictures from Dublin Zoo which is to be found in Phoenix Park, which is the largest enclosed public park in any capital city in Europe.

Call in.....

Fancy seeing mummified bodies from centuries ago then visit St Michan's.

Want to try a pint at the oldest pub in Ireland then head down to the The Brazen Head.

Jameson's isn't distilled here anymore but the tour is quite interesting and you get to taste an American Bourbon, a Scottish single malt and a Jameson's at the end of the tour, 1e off with your bus pass!  Jamesons Tour Dublin.

A free entry awaits you at Collins Barracks and lets you look around a diverse range from stories of the uprising and the IRA to silverware and coins whether Irish or connected with the Euro.

Best pub in Dublin? Matter of personal choice but The Confession Box takes some beating! Pop in and say hello to Monica and Pauline.

A selection of pictures taken in Dublin.  Dublin.